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We want this to be your WordCamp. We want you to make the most of everything in the event; learn, teach, inspire and be inspired, share some creativity and take some with you.

A WordCamp belongs to the WordPress Community and that is sum of all of us. Whether you are an expert, and WordPress almost has no secrets for you or you’re trying to figure out what this is.

WordCamp Porto was organized by people who are part of this community. The organizing team is a group of volunteers who have agreed to provide much of their time in helping to create this initiative.

And we’re counting on your help, especially in these next steps: before, during and after the event.

Before and during

Promote WordCamp the most you can. On your blog, site, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, everywhere you choose and can.

Always use the hashtag #wordcampporto

Our official links are:



How to get to ISEP

The ISEP Convention Center offers excellent facilities, and has an exceptional location, either for those who reside in the Porto area or for those coming from outside.

It is located in the University Campus in Porto.

It’s very easy to reach by car, using the VCI, A3 highway and Circunvalação. Using the metro, just catch the line D (Yellow line) and get out at the IPO Station. ISEP is a  5 minute walk away (the same time you use to install WordPress).

If you prefer the bus, use the 300, 301, 603 e 803 lines. They all stop in ISEP.

The parking lot will have some places available, but they are limited. However, either Saturday or Sunday, there will not be difficulty in parking on the streets around.


D Line – Yellow

Hospital de S. João – Santo Ovídio

IPO station


300 | Aliados > Hospital de S. João

301 | Sá da Bandeira > Hospital de S. João

603 | Marquês > Maia

803 | Boavista > Venda Nova


41º10’41.97’’ N | 8º36’24.69” W

Mapa do Google


The accreditation process will be done in the secretarial area in Building E, with the E Auditorium, which will be the home for the first day of WordCamp. Bring identification with you and, if you want, the email you received after registration. There is no physical or electronic ticket. We have a badge and a t-shirt for you. Maybe there is something else, but we won’t make promises we cannot keep.

Edificio E


The base for the first day of WordCamp is the Building E, with its epicenter in Hall E. It has 188 seats, 225 square feet in area, a stage with 48 square meters, wireless internet network, progressive lighting system, large screen, air conditioning and equipment needed for an event like this. Adjacent to it is a dining room, where the coffee breaks will take place.

ISEP auditório


The ISEP is served by an excellent network of wireless internet.


The presentations will be recorded and will later be placed online at the official website. During and after the event, some short interviews with participants will be held, to promote the event, the Portugueses WordPress Community and, at the same time, collect opinions. Collaborate with our volunteers.


Each speaker has 20 minutes for presentation, followed by another 10 minutes for questions and answers from the audience. If you can’t ask your question, don’t worry; you can always try to clarify the issue during breaks, at the party or, later, through the contacts that the speaker will provide.


Besides the lunch break, we’ll have two coffee break, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, each with 30 minutes duration.


Lunch will be at the restaurant of ISEP. The menu includes meat and fish or a plate for vegetarians who have requested it.

The end

During the closing session some offers from sponsors will be drawn. If your name is called and you are not present, the prize is awarded to someone else. The organization and staff are excluded from the list of potential candidates. We’ll also take ​​the traditional family photo of the event.


The after-party will be in Maus Hábitos (Bad Habits), a space of cultural intervention in the city center, in Rua Passos Manuel, 178, 4º. To be able to access the WordCamp area, keep the badge with you. The party is a time of sharing, though in a different style, more relaxed. Join us.



The second day, the Hackday, will be in the events room os ISEP, in Building A. It is a room with 395 meters square, with air conditioning, lighting system and wireless internet. Accreditation will be made at the entrance of the room.

sala de eventos



After the event, write an article on your website or blog, publish photos and videos. Send us links of it so we can publish them on the official WordCamp website.

Tell us what went right and wrong, we want to do better and your help is important. We want to hear from everyone.

We will send all participants a short survey for which we ask your cooperation.


The organizing team and the staff, volunteers who generously give their time to WordCamp, will be identified with gray t-shirts and with a badge identifying them.


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